The world around me slides under a blanket of sound.

Footstep sounds
an intimate call sealed in the secret postal vault
the peacock’s scream in full solitude

the world outside myself
chases away the sound’s oppressive rule
with the noise of letters orderly typed
on the keyboard apparently subject
to the dream of breaking accepted limitations

It’s happening now

The world surrounding me
grows feeding on my thought’s sound
from the crowd stands out – He
teases me
we invent a new game
and I feel strong enough to remove all the dark spots
that threaten the order of things


The game is showing my friends away
replacing the dream’s fantasy
with the impossibility of realizing the story
of history’s page turned back

Only thing left
between Him and me –
the sound of a fractured thought
the pain of a lightning from the past
projected on future’s screen

the world surrounding me is more and more noisy
awaits my turning on the light
in the mansion haunted by
the freedom of reinventing the game.

din volumul Traps / Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, traducere în limba engleză de Mihai Mihuţ, ilustraţii de Marius Fechete, în pregătire la Ed. Excelsior Art, 2015


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