Bad love


Bad love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Poem written in 1994 with a re-write


Bad love

I felt the darkness of the night overtaking the lights of the day. Stealing away the gentleness that is left in me. The once sweet memories had turn to a cancer. Eating away at my heart and mind. Leaving a soul-less man till nothing matters anymore.

I poured the tequila into my coffee cup, cut the lemons into pieces and pray for the night to be kind to me. I drank the tequila and allowed the lemon to quiet the burn. I hope the tequila can quiet the memories of your beautiful face. I may even smile and laugh, but I’m dead. You can’t raise the dead.  In the real life. Death of heart and need is the real peace for a man who wanted everything and nothing.

Sometime women faces danced in my…

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