Night is falling asleep
and is dreaming

In my house
night never sleeps
it lies in bed listening to fairy tales
endlessly recited by vaults
buzzing with secret dreams
actions speaking louder
than the humming beyond the walls
the screams tearing the night
screams left there by anonymous voices

birds and butterflies
winged guardians
rush through the cold
to light candles in the night

across the street
young people
tied together by a thread of yearning

The house feels tired in its moaning

yellow rays’ highlights
dig wrinkles
on a saddened face
once beautiful
restless wanderer
from one spring to another

now defeated by time
it still sends
a timid smile
to a dream
unveiling its younger look
repository of light

The day goes by shaking its frail locks
covering windows in night’s way.

din volumul Traps / Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, traducere în limba engleză de Mihai Mihuţ, ilustraţii de Marius Fechete, în pregătire la Ed. Excelsior Art, 2015


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