I don’t want to die…

poezii gay
I don’t want to die quiet, in my sleep,
Unaware of you, dreaming of a port,
The vaporized fragrance of seagulls
Gently rocking me on that Provence beach.

I want to die torn apart by a lion,
A blond lion with long fangs,
Longer than life, sharper than death,
Whiter than clouds scattered over Bay James.

The lion became human.

I want to die from a bullet,
Hot, penetrating, exploding,
Bang bang, then the end –
Short is the life of an arrow.

The bullet became human.

I want to die kissed by the wind,
Choked in the morning,

Sensing that coolness pushing my breath inward,
Where my eyes look when I think I,
Where the bullet hits,
Where the lion lies.

And the wind became human.

din volumul Poezii gay / Poemes gais / Gay Poems, Mihai Man, Editura Excelsior Art, 2011



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