A scream and I leave the house.

In the streets
waves of tumult
and the sun rushes to set

The night
lays siege skillfully preying on my rest
it attracts me with the grace of the dancing shadow

the oblivion

I let myself caught in its trammel
on its command I let the darkness grow inside me

is night just mocking me?

when I keep the balance even
between to be and not to be
a still undecided
son of the night
and when I know about
the house I escaped from
that its foundations are tied in the light
and is threshold
chain of unwelded mails
exists and does not exist
it disappears when the scream
drags me into fairytales that yearn to become life…

at the end of this short moment of roving
the day
like a genuine master
redeems me.

din volumul Traps / Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, traducerea în limba engleză, Mihai Mihuţ, ilustraţii de Marius Fechete, în pregătire la Ed. Excelsior Art, 2015

pentru versiunea în limba română, clik aici


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