„The letter”


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(We learn too late. Love was near and we allowed it to slip thought our hands and life.)

The letter

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Words my friend. Can carry heavy burdens and take us back to places we need to be.


The letter

Dear Katie

I was lost in too many sad moments and I was tired. I was drained of hope to find a sweet love. I ran from sweet smiles and hid in dark taverns trying to be a ghost. Safe and sound from the disruption of love. Love had turned from sweet Summer wines and tender kisses to bittersweet endings and the goodbye.

I worshiped love once. I yearned for the new kiss and embrace.  I searched for the perfect love and I learn too late. You were my true love.  Your gifts of tenderness and opening up completely to the desperation of young and divine…

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