Walking Towards Nowhere


I walk in a park
flower-clad pavilions
alleys converging towards a central
circle that seems to capture
remains of a stream

from and towards everywhere
I see
the sea of alleys gathered
in a fragile spider web.

to move ahead
I dive into the circle

in winding motion
a patch of water
comes closer and closer
it shakes as iffrightened

the next step is
diving into a miracle

I am lifted
by a strong stream
the spider web gets dissolved
its place taken by an end to suffering that tries
tomake its way behind my eyes
protected solely by pieces
of shattered clouds of hope

open doors
that were shut way too soon
the forgotten day
when all these signs
were created

My late afternoon deambulation
slowly and softly
trying to ritualize

pentru versiunea în limba română – click aici

din volumul Traps / Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, traducere în limba engleză de Mihai Mihuţ, ilustraţii de Marius Fechete, în pregătire la Ed. Excelsior Art, 2015

8 comentarii la “Walking Towards Nowhere

    • Dear Pina,
      I write in romanian language. Recently, I published a book (poems) titled „Capcane”. Mihai Mihuţ, who is a poet, made the translations of my poems in english. The translated poems will be publish with the title „Traps”. I hope that I understood your message.
      Have a nice week!


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